In Search of...Michiana Jewish Sports Memories

Shabbat Shalom and welcome to a new initiative of the Michiana Jewish Historical Society! Every once in a while you’ll receive an email under the heading “In Search of…” prompting you to help us fill in the blanks of our community archives. We may ask you to help us name an individual or group in a photograph, or simply share a memory as it pertains to a particular topic of interest. We want to hear from you!

There are two ways to get in touch; either drop us a comment below this post or reply directly to the email you’ve been sent. But please note, if you are commenting, you are sharing your thoughts with the entire MJHS community. That’s a good thing! We want to promote discussion of the topics that interest you, so that others in our community can learn and reflect. Let’s get started today!

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March Madness - The above trio of images depicts various men’s league basketball teams from the Jewish community in South Bend; the first image being the Young Men’s Hebrew Association, circa 1930, the second being of unknown origin and the third being the Aleph Zadik Aleph fraternal organization (AZA), circa 1930s. It’s possible you may recognize a parent, grandparent or even yourself in the photos above. If so, please let us know!

We’d also like to hear any fond memories you have playing sports as a youth or adult in a Jewish setting, whether it be in the summer at a day camp, softball leagues with AZA or BBG, or something else entirely.

Feel free to share your memories with us using the discussion button below, and if you are so inclined, please share this message with any friends or family who might be interested!